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Katherine VanHenley, CEO

Hello and welcome to Blossom Parties! My name is Katherine VanHenley, and I'm a mother of two rambunctious girls, a designer, a creative artist, and a businesswoman.

In 2011 I started Blossom Parties to transform the stigma surrounding a girl's first period into a meaningful celebration. I wanted to create quality products that allowed parents to positively acknowledge their daughter's first period in a way that was never done for previous generations.

I hope that Blossom Parties becomes the place for families and young people to learn, communicate, shop and celebrate together!

Have any questions or comments? Please feel free to reach out to us at the link below as we welcome all feedback!

"This [Wildflower First Period Kit] is such a great idea and I really loved it for my kiddo. The contents are relevant and well-made, and the zine does a great job of breaking down explanations in a casual and kid-friendly way. Thanks so much!"

A portion of your purchase goes towards supporting young women with limited access to menstrual care

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