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Selene Beads - Purple & Silver/Gold

Named after the goddess of the moon, Selene Beads are designed to help young women better understand the phases of their menstrual cycle. As the moon charm is advanced through beads of different colors, textures, sizes and shapes, she can to track her period in a fun and beautiful way!

Not only will Selene Beads add some serious bling to her daily wear, it will help educate her about how her body works each month. Selene Beads™ come with a quick reference guide that highlights the most important days of her cycle.

This stretch bracelet measures 6.5 inches and can fit juniors to adults with smaller wrists. It is made to track a 28 day cycle. If you are in need of a larger bracelet or a bracelet with a longer or shorter cycle, please contact us and we can prepare a custom order for you.

Delivered in gift wrapped jewelry box. Gold bracelets have gold stardust beads and a gold star charm.


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