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Selene Beads Reference Guide

Selene Beads Reference GuideNamed after the Goddess of the moon, Selene Beads are designed to help you better understand the phases of your menstrual cycle. As the charm is advanced through beads of different colors, textures, sizes and shapes, you can track  your period in a fun and beautiful way!

To begin using your Selene Beads, place on the wrist of your non-dominate hand and make sure the charm is between the first two smooth round beads as shown in the picture.  Now the charm is ready to mark the first day of your period. Leave the charm in this position until your period arrives. One the second day of your period, advance it past the second smooth round bead.

Advance the charm in the same direction each day to track the days of your menstrual cycle.

To extend the life of your Selene Beads, remove before bathing.