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Snapdragon Reusable Pads Care Instructions

Reusable Pads Care Instructions

HOW TOUSE Snap Reusable Cloth Pads around your underwear like you would normally stick on a disposable menstrual pad. 

Make sure to use the correct absorbency level according to how heavy or light your flow is that day. 

pink/red = LIGHT 

blue = MEDIUM 

purple = HEAVY

WHATTO DO WITH USEDPADS When the pad needs to be changed, simply unsnap it and place it into a wet bag until you are able to clean the pad.

HOWTOCLEAN Pre-washing means rinsing the pad to remove the blood before you put it in the washing machine. 

Depending on your preference, you can skip the pre-washing and put the pad directly into the washing machine.

An effective pre-washing technique is to put the pads you’ve used during the day below your feet while you’re taking a shower – you can step on them as you’re showering, which will remove most of the blood.  Then either hand wash with soap or use the washing machine. 

Some people prefer to soak the pads before they’re washed.


Once washed, place pad in dryer or hang dry.